Afternoon Explore Tour followed by Sunset Cocktail on the beach

Explore pathways running between the coast, the Ancient Coral Road and hidden valleys. With plenty of village exposure and some pre-planned stops at local attractions that you may not find without a guide. Offering flexibility to cater to different interests of our tour group, but with the ever present focus on stories relating to the local environment and cultural heritage set amongst the natural habitat that can quite literally take your breath away. Covering 12 - 16km at a moderate pace with plenty of stops for Storytelling spread over 4 hours, followed by a Sunset Cocktail or drink of choice and a swim at a beautiful beach. With a combination of road and track riding, suiting average fitness and riding experience; this tour is perfect for the explorer at heart. Pick up from your accommodation between 1 - 1.30 pm and returned 6.30 - 7 pm Saturdays.