Discover for Families Tour followed by delicious local lunch

Discover for Families is the same tour as Discover and is conducted in the same sessions as Discover, but has a limit of 2 children per tour. A single Tow Behind Trailer fits either one or two children with a maximum capacity of 36 kgs combined. Two separate Tow Behind Bikes cater for two separate older children up to around 4 & 1/2" (137 cm) tall.

Discover a rich cultural heritage along the Ancient Coral Road – Ara Metua. We meander along lane ways witnessing the tranquil pace of local village life. There are plenty of stops to take in the magnificent mountain scenery, and you will hear stories that will bring a deeper meaning to the observations you make. Set at a relaxed pace, we will be stopping regularly to share our stories with you. The ride is predominantly on level terrain covering a distance of around 8 – 12 kilometres on mainly sealed roads. You’ll ride on and off over a leisurely 3 hours with plenty of stops for Storytelling, finishing up with a delicious local lunch. The Discover for Families tour comfortably caters for those of a basic fitness level and limited riding experience, who want to take home memories of a remarkable discovery. Pick up is between 7.40 and 8.25 am at your accommodation, and you will be returned between around 1 and 1.30 pm. Please wear swimwear under your clothing as there may be an opportunity to swim, and wear some sturdy footwear suitable for cycling. Please bring your own water - we can top this up along the way if you need more.